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Facts & figures (English version)

In Bavaria there are about 1.21 million dairy cows, most of the milk is produced in Upper Bavaria and Swabia and Italy is the main export market for Bavarian dairy products. Here you will find the latest figures.



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1. Bavaria by region (milk delivery)

Federal state2015 Quantity [t]Change [%]
Upper Bavaria 2.295.270-1,2
Upper Palatinate1.068.3011,6
Lower Bavaria936.832-2,4
Middle Franconia745.6270,4
Upper Franconia600.3441,9
Lower Franconia213.6940,6
Bavaria overall



Source: Bavarian State Research Centre for Agriculture

2. What products do Bavaria's creameries and cheese dairies produce?

production in creameries and cheese dairies2015 Quantity [t]
Butter milk (products) 14.398
Fermented milk, yoghurt and mixed milk products 1.366.466
Cream (products) 121.563
Cheese, all (except for processed cheese)917.401
Hard, sliced and soft cheese388.806
Pasta-filata-Cheese (e.g. Mozzarella) 183.868
Cream cheese, curd cheese 344.727
Processed cheese/preparations 118.544

Source: Bavarian State Research Centre for Agriculture

3. Dairy cows, producers, dairies, milk quantities

Dairy cows (counted in November)1,21 Mio
Milk suppliers31.186
Creameries (plant locations) 84
Milky delivery to Bavarian creameries (in tonnes)8.670.700

 Quelle: Bayerische Landesanstalt für Landwirtschaft



4. Exports from Bavaria

Export 2015 Quantity [t] Share of total production volume % 2015 value [€]
Milk and Milk products 1,252,570 521,170,3 million
Butter 19,258 2270,368 million
Cheese 496,781481,508,84 million

Source: State Office of Statistics and Data Processing

5. Where do they love Bavarian cheese?

6. Tasty: Per-capita consumption in Germany

Per-capita consumption in Germany2014 Quantity [t]
Drinking milk, total 54.0
Fresh dairy products29.9
Cheese, total24.6

Source: BLE; calculation basis date from the 2011census

7. Which prices Bavarian dairy farmers achieve?


8. Share of organic milk increased slightly, GMO-free milk is booming.